Rosaria Burchielli

Rebel, Dancer, Writer

Writing is magical: from a small idea, I feel and watch as something new grows. I am an emerging writer of fiction, working in Melbourne. I hope to provoke, stimulate and encourage others through my writing, which takes up social issues from lived experience. I am currently writing my first novel.

I have a lot of writing experience as an academic: Formerly Associate Professor in the Department of Management, Latrobe University, Australia, I have published 40+ articles reporting research on women’s informal work, human rights, trade unions and corporate accountability.

I’m still working out the differences and similarities between scientific and fictional writing. I invite the readers of this blog to tick the ‘follow’ button on this site and accompany and engage with me on this journey!

I claim copyright of any writing I publish on this site as my own, unless I specifically attribute it to another author. If anyone is interested in copying any writing from this site, I respectfully request that you first seek permission from me.

Thank you for your interest in my blog!

I write
  • Poetry
  • Slogans
  • Stories
  • Press items

3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Rosaria,
    I just finished reading your blog/story. My mum was a dressmaker working in clothing factories for many years when she migrated in the 1950s. She started in Flinders Lane too! It is such a well written start to your story and I’m so looking forward to reading more. I even felt a connection with my mum reading it which I haven’t felt before when listening to her stories.
    Your honesty/transparency about your redundancy is beautiful to read. You have a remarkable, honest way of writing. I look forward to reading more x


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