For our mothers, our children and us.

She pushed the last box in the car, then smacked a kiss on your cheek. ‘Goodbye Mother; see you later.’ And with that, your daughter left. She no longer lives here with you. That is to say that your arms left their sockets; your legs took off alone. Your skin stretched so far, it cleared … Continue reading For our mothers, our children and us.


Battered woman

*** When Beata arrives at her cousin’s grocery store on this particular morning, it is just before ten a.m. and there are already some customers in the shop. Her first cousin Luisa and husband Matteo arrived in Melbourne five years before Beata, directly after getting married in Italy. They have no children and are buying … Continue reading Battered woman

Factory friends

‘Ey! Bea! Beatrice!’ Beatrice turned to see her friend Carmela, who was running to catch up with her. She stopped and waited to exchange a quick peck on both cheeks before they stepped together into the ornate wooden doorway that was the entrance of Ricki Reed. ‘Ciao, Carmela’ said Beatrice, ‘Come va?’ Carmela turned up … Continue reading Factory friends