Poem for Agostino and All of Us

Agostino Sanelli: 20-8-1933 ~ 2-7-2015


I am sad for us

Even the last goodbye is gone

Now the earth has claimed you as her own.


Now we hold the many yesterdays

When we nurtured our dreams

Over tables of food

Family banter yelling enthusiasm

Dreaming our futures

Telling the past

You singing and dancing for life.


We shared our children in laughter

And sometimes tears for our hurts

Watching the young ones grow

Watching the old ones die

We worked together to make something

Like so many fibres

Twisted into the yarns

That tied our families together.


I am sad for us

For my sisters and brothers

For our children – your grandchildren

Who carried your body goodbye

Sad for tomorrow and the distance

Between here and goodbye.



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