On the Tram (1964)

(Excerpt from my unpublished novel: Becoming Beata) The rocking of the tram is soothing. If she doesn’t make eye contact with anyone, she can ignore the other passengers. With the right change, she can keep her communication to a minimum. In this moment, there is no-one to take care of, no-one to be wary of. … Continue reading On the Tram (1964)

Listen, Mr

She heads towards the passageway and as she's walking past him, he puts out a hand to touch her arm. She gasps and turns furiously towards him. ‘What on earth….?’ He retracts his hand, lifting both in a sign of surrender. ‘Signora… I just wanted to say that … if one day … you would … Continue reading Listen, Mr

School Climate Strike

15 March, 2019. Remember this date. One hundred and fifty thousand kids rallied in cities and towns around Australia protesting to government and political parties about their inadequate response to climate science. They rallied in defiance of conservatives such as our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.  Many thousands more rallied in cities around the world; it … Continue reading School Climate Strike

Homeworking Women: A Gender Justice Perspective

By Annie Delaney, Rosaria Burchielli, Shelley Marshall, Jane Tate Our new book is out now! To buy your copy of our Homeworking Women book, click here. Homework; work that is categorised as informal employment, performed in the home, mainly for subcontractors and mostly undertaken by women. The inequities and injustices inherent in homework conditions maintain women’s weak bargaining position, … Continue reading Homeworking Women: A Gender Justice Perspective

Factory friends

‘Ey! Bea! Beatrice!’ Beatrice turned to see her friend Carmela, who was running to catch up with her. She stopped and waited to exchange a quick peck on both cheeks before they stepped together into the ornate wooden doorway that was the entrance of Ricki Reed. ‘Ciao, Carmela’ said Beatrice, ‘Come va?’ Carmela turned up … Continue reading Factory friends