International Women’s Day 2019

IWD is a day to celebrate achievements and look at how far women around the world have come, but it is also a day of recognising the challenges we have yet to meet – homeworking women being one of the most pressing ones.

Women homeworkers sew the buttons on your shirt. They make the fishing nets that catch your dinner. They put the sparkles on your dress. They make the paper bags you carry your latest shopping in.

They work long hours while receiving poverty wages. They have a higher chance of experiencing violence. They are some of the most vulnerable women and girls in the world.

They work from home for big global brands because they do not have a choice. Abolishing homework is not an option. Instead, we need to bring justice and equality to their workplaces. Find out more here 👇

#SheWorksInvisiblyFromHome #IWD2019 #GlobalLivingWageNow


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