Shadows of pearl

Morning sun surprises a blank wallwith pearly shadowsof feijoaWhat will life bring today? Just outside the gateillness war and anthropogenic madnessare fear-infected talonsstealing our minds and heartsWe are afraidIt’s all we talk about On this ground in this climate wired digital and artificially intelligentlatter-day merchants and noisy, leaping mountebanksgrow their riches on the compost of our fearselevating ignorance to … Continue reading Shadows of pearl


Everyday heroes, art and migration.

As an artist, I am interested in writing about everyday life, everyday heroes, and the people and experiences that shape us. We all understand the word hero: it describes a person, not a gender, who meets challenges or obstacles with courage. The idea is often associated with famous, remarkable or mythical people. In my view, … Continue reading Everyday heroes, art and migration.